Willing Captive by Belle Aurora

Willing CaptiveWilling Captive by Belle Aurora
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LOVED THIS BOOK!! Review to follow..


My life is boring as hell..I take care of 4 kids, hubby, 3 dogs and work over 40 hours a week taking care of another 310 kids and staff..so reading is my escape. I am addicted to it and crave to be home nestled in and able to crack open the Kindle (and some wine let’s be honest) So when I started reading this book, I felt kinship with Lily right away. With an overprotective father and a life that is more like being held prison. Her escape is also a good book. Sold. Now I am just waiting for a hot guy and his band of also hot guys to come, blindfold me and the let the party start!

“Reading is my escape. It makes my brain work, which gives me a short reprieve from my isolated life.” Delilah Flynn (Lily)

My favorite thing in a book is a connection, I have stated it over and over in my reviews. The easiest way for me to feel connected to a story is thorough great dialogue and banter and this book nails it. The references are funny, engaging and the dual POV really helps you feel like you know where each stands. Making each person a kindred spirit of sorts. You want Nox and Lily to find the life each has been searching for their whole short lives.

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noun: captive; plural noun: captives

a person who has been taken prisoner or an animal that has been confined.

Delilah Flynn is a sheltered young woman, who has yet to experience life at all. She is complacent in her need to explore and has just settled for what her normal will look like. Receiving her firsts and knowledge from reading, well the type of books that I love. Nothing wrong with that, right? Help a washed up mama out! Who knew that in being held captive she would discover what the world held for her. Reality found in captivity!

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Nox is protective, hot and even though he knows better is drawn to Lily in a way he has never been before. Trust is something that does not come easy but he let’s Lily know that he trusts her more than he has ever done before. Letting her in too the darkest secrets of his existence, making him vulnerable and lovable! You get from the beginning that this is not your usual dark captive romance. It is a story taken from watching from afar and making something yours before you even realized you needed it.

There is humor, friendship, love, hot sex scenes and a connection that every good book should have. If you are a lover of NA read this book and then thank Tara later!

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