Wish For You (Boys of The South #4) By Marquita Valentine

Having not read any of the books leading up to this one, I did not know what to expect.  What I found was an extremely engaging, well-written story about two extremely broken people that don’t realize they are each other’s strength.  

You meet Wyatt, since returning home from his tour in Afghanistan he is saddled with a arsenal of guilt and a psychiatrist that is trying to help him.  He returns to find his girl, his best friend, his glue and his heart has decided they need to go back to friends only status.  This does not bode well for his recovery.  When her kisses are what he lived for, he now looks to numb his pain with drugs and nameless women.  Ghosts mar his daily life, feelings of guilt for surviving, all of this lead to his mental destruction.

Lacey is a simple, church going girl that suffers from panic attacks and has to be fully prepared to face what is in front of her.  Some may find her character weak, I am not one of them.  Sometimes it’s the quiet strength that forms the connection and she had that.  Fearful that she would somehow tarnish Wyatt with her faults she denies herself what she wants more than anything..him!  
When the truth finally comes out, both Lacey and Wyatt have to battle their internal struggles, addictions and fears to find what they both want..their own happy ever after!

I enjoyed this book, it had angst, heart and I fell in love with both of these broken people and was rooting them on all the way through..

Written by: unrulygirl

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