Withstanding Me by Crystal Spears

Withstanding Me (Breakneck, #2)Withstanding Me by Crystal Spears
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Enjoyed Storm and Mason..full review to come.


“If you can’t stand reading about drugs, violence, sex, murder, and vengeance, then this isn’t a world for you. It also contains explicit language. Although I thank you for purchasing my novel, I feel it is my duty to warn you ahead of time.” SOLD

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I am a lot of things but you put a warning in front of a book blurb and I am first in line! I really enjoyed Seize Me and though parts were difficult for me to read (lil too close to home) it was so true to the lifestyle that cut deep into me.. I had high hopes for the second book and it’s true to MC lifestyle. I did however feel this book fell slightly short of book one..only for the over POV usage for me. I did love going from Storm to Mason/ZZ and I did enjoy Shadow and Tatiana’s side story. I guess it was Brax and Angel I didn’t really need to have a POV from..personally.

I did fall hard for both Storm and ZZ in this story. I felt that ZZ was the opposite of hardcore MC boy..because he had watched his mom and dad withstand a monogamous relationship even through the craziness of the club he knew that when he went all out for a woman that was it for him..swoon! Love me a loyal, bad ass man!

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“This is a fucked up world”

Storm was introduced in book one being rescued from a most fucked up situation and taken in by Winter as family. Choosing to stay in the MC family lifestyle was a choice she made. Feelings for ZZ made that choice easier then she had planned. In being rescued by him she saw a side of him amny had never witnessed and fell hard. She knew ZZ wasn’t someone that was safe to love but felt like he was worth the fight. Not being the easy poke that ZZ was used to probably made her that much more enticing to the libido. Storm knew he was it she just had to show him she was it too!

“I really, really L word your.”

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“”Women like you are way too good for the likes of me. You deserve to be protected, owned, loved, cherished, worshipped, and any other good shit you can think of.”

I did feel that Ms. Spears held back a little more in this book. Maybe listened to the nay sayers and held her tongue in the all over feel of this book. Maybe that was just me and I was looking for a do-over of the bottle ass scence from book one? A girl can dream..

I did enjoy the crossover with Cage into this story and in reading Cage loved the crossover and detail there as well! Overall I think it was a great follow up and I look forward to reading about more of the Breakneck crew!

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