Worth the Fight by Vi Keeland

Worth the FightWorth the Fight by Vi Keeland
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“I never though I’d be happy. I was content with flatlining my way through life. It was good enough.”

Elle was buttoned up, barely living..everything was the same day in and day out. Nothing flashy, nothing that sang to her soul. Boyfriend was clean cut, lawyer like her, safe and there. That started out fine, until it wasn’t. All of a sudden Elle wanted more…in walks Nico “The Lady Killer” Hunter. Her nicely controlled, buttoned up safe life takes a flying leap!

“The man is sexy as hell and it bothers me that I can’t control my thoughts.”

Nico is a fighter with a tainted record. Elle is a girl trying to hide from her violent past. Somewhere in the middle of all that was a connection that was instant and HOT!

“Underneath 220 pounds of tattooed hard muscle that screams trouble is the most sensitive and beautiful soul I’ve ever met.”

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When Nico realizes Elle knows the worst part of him he hides from the emotional angst instead of facing the facts. What hot MMA fighter wouldn’t? Until the forces that initially drove them together are to hard to ignore and leaving Elle to have to unleash the worst parts of herself..cue SWOON..
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“When we met, we were two injured souls. Both keeping the real out of our lives for fear of what we might find. But nothing could have kept us apart.”

I love it when two broken people find they are complete together. When one of those said people is a possessive, muscled up, tattooed hottie I love it that much more!

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