Zack by Sawyer Bennett

Sawyer Bennett = Dawn’s Girl Crush

Ok…now for the review. I LOVE this series, I didn’t think I would fall for anyone as hard as I fell for Alex…but Zack is now the champion of the my Cold Fury heart. Don’t get me wrong…Garrett and Alex both hold a piece of it and I’m sure Ryker will as well but Zack…swoooonnnn

I was extremely nervous to dive into this story, knowing how Zack’s life had changed in an instant, I wasn’t chomping at the bits to read about his life. I was nervous it would be too much…too sad? But Ms. Bennett had a way of weaving his background story in such a way that you were allowed to be sad for him, while also letting him find the love that was waiting for him always. Knowing the way that it came to be was not ideal but was meant to be on such a level, it was beyond fate.

I loved the dorkiness, and silent strength of Kate, watching her slowly crack the facade of a man wracked with guilt and the weight of the world on his shoulders was amazing. This might be my favorite of all my Sawyer reads so far? I adored everything about it! The family that was made, the light that was found and the bond that was created by everyone finding their true selves within loving each other.

Written by: unrulygirl

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